Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Film Acting Class *Film / TV

If you're in North County San Diego and would like private film acting/TV acting lessons.  Let me know!  If you're a child parent must attend lessons.  I am and experienced film / TV acting teacher/coach!  Individual and/or two or three for group lessons.  Go to and "CONTACT ME" to ask any questions, etc. 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Figure it out and start today! Have fun!

What do you want to do?  Do you know?  If you don't it's okay.  Do you have a desire to just try it?  Then just do it.  You can begin today by doing a few things that could contribute to your acting career.

When it comes to acting, have you thought about what kind of acting you would like to do; stage, film, TV?  Either way you can begin today.  Write your own scripts and begin to speak them and then act them out.  You can invite family and/or friends to participate.  Children love to pretend and act.  Play at it, have fun at it!

I'll be back!  -wf